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Updated: Sep 25, 2022

What program/tools do you use?

9th Generation iPad

1st Generation Apple Pencil

Procreate for the iPad


Phone stand>

Apple Pencil grip>

Glass screen protector>

iPad case with stand>

Fine tip Apple Pencil nib>

What brush do you use?

Inking/Sketching/Rendering: soft hair brush>

Gradients: Default airbrush set to 50% opacity

What programs for a tighter budget would you recommend?

Previously I used a Wacom Bamboo tablet and a Intuos Pro that can be found cheaper through sites like Amazon or Overstock at times. I have also used a Gaomon, which are more affordable than iPads and can be just as good! I really enjoyed using Paint Tool Sai.

What size canvas do you use?

8.5 in. x 11 in.

300-350 dpi

How many years have you been drawing/ working as a freelance artist?

I've always loved art and I use it as a way to cope with my own mental health issues. I've been drawing traditionally for as long as I could pick up a pencil, but I've been drawing digitally since about 2009, which is also the year I began my work as a freelance artist.

Why did you switch to digital?

Primarily because in the long run it's much more affordable and it can give you the ability to mimic mediums that are otherwise too expensive to experiment with if you're on a budget. I also have chronic health issues that makes using traditional mediums very difficult, so switching to digital art has allowed me to continue creating art without putting as much strain on my body.

How do you create a unique art style?

Creating a unique art style is one of those things that comes with experience and time. If you're a beginner I highly recommend learning and understanding the basics before trying to develop a style.

Can I draw your OC?

Absolutely! Please keep her in SFW situations though and always credit me please!

Can I reference bodies in tutorials posted on TikTok?

Of course! I post them as a learning tool so please feel free to use them when needed.

Do you have a Twitch or stream?

Yes. While I do have a Twitch account I do not currently stream on it due to connectivity issues with my internet where I live. Unfortunately I do not get a consistent signal so streaming is extremely difficult. I do also have a PicartoTV channel as well where I have had better luck streaming. Currently you can view my Live Streams on my TikTok page from time to time.

You can find my Twitch here:

and my Picarto here:

Do you have a discord?

Yes, but again I do not use it at this current time but I may in the future.

Can you teach me ___?

At this current time I offer MANY tutorials on my TikTok but I will NOT be giving private lessons. There may come a time where I give lessons exclusively to subscribers on my Patreon.

Can I simp for Baphi?

If you're 18+ go for it!

Do you sell merch or have a YouTube?

Not at this current time! Due to my mental health issues and current living situation I do not have the energy to handle an increased work load, but I do plan on working towards a Etsy shop and a YouTube channel in the future!

Why does it take you so long to draw?

I'm SLOW. For me if I rush my quality isn't as good so I like to take my time. I also tend to get distracted very easily and have other things going on in my daily life that makes the process a lot slower (nerve pain, depression, pets, family, etc.)

Do you watch anime?

YES! I am a long time anime fan since the 90's. Some of my favorites include the classics such as Big O, Inuyasha, FMA, DBZ, Cowboy Bepop, as well as animes such as Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul, The Promised Neverland, Erased, and many others as well.

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