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Events and Updates


Welcome to the Events page! Here you can find info regarding price changes, sales, as well as any news regarding shops/platforms or life events that may impact my services. This page will be updated periodically so be sure to check in time to time.


As of 1/17/2021 prices will be slightly increased! Head icons still remain the same price, but half body and full body commissions will include a price increase since they take significantly longer and are more detailed. Please check the home page for current prices.


  • As of 1/6/2022 Prices will have a increase.

  • A new category is now included in the commissions list! Clients can now purchase rough flat colored sketches!

  • Contract changes have been made to include information regarding NFTs! Please check my TOS for more details!


Unfortunately there have been many things causing delays (my dog unexpectedly passing away, financial issues, car problems, and holidays) but please rest assured that I am working very diligently and as fast as possible to finish all commissions. I greatly appreciate the patience of my current clients. I will be closed for commissions until this current batch is finished (or unless an emergency situation comes up) Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding during these times.


My husband was recently in a horrible accident. At this time due to legal reasons I can not fully discuss what happened but he needs physical assistance and care until he has recovered. I do greatly apologize to those patiently waiting on their commissions and I am still continuing to complete commissions but at this time delays will be expected. If clients have any questions or concerns please let me know. Thank you again to everyone for your understanding and patience.

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